How to Change Device name on iPhone 13

Want to change the device name on your iPhone 13? Head to Settings, tap on General, select About, and choose Name to type in your new device name. Save your changes, and you’re all set!

Every iPhone comes with a default name. But what if you want to personalize it or ensure your device’s name stands out when connecting to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi networks? That’s where renaming comes in handy. With the iPhone 13, the process is pretty straightforward. Buckle up as we delve into this easy step-by-step guide!

Why Rename Your iPhone 13?

You might wonder, why bother changing my iPhone’s name? Well, personalizing your device has its perks:

  • Identification: Easier to spot your device in a sea of ‘iPhone’s.
  • Personal Touch: Give your phone a cool, unique moniker.
  • Avoid Confusion: Handy when differentiating between family members’ devices.

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Step by Step: Changing Your iPhone 13’s Name

1. Dive into ‘Settings’ – Head to your home screen. Find the gear-shaped “Settings” icon and tap it. You know, that spot where you tweak all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

2. The General menu – The Gateway – Scroll down and you will see a ‘General’ option. Tap on that. Here, you’re entering the control room of your Apple universe!

3. The About option – Spotting Your iPhone – Do you see the item at the top of the screen that says ‘About?’. Found it? Great! Give it a tap.

4. Name-Changing Time! – Here, you’ll notice the “Name” option, showcasing your current device name. Tap on it, erase the old name, and type in your chosen name.

5. Save and Celebrate – Once done, tap “Done” or “Return” on your keyboard. Voila! You’ve just renamed your iPhone 13.

Pros of Renaming Your iPhone 13

  • Individuality: Stand out from the crowd.
  • Easy Tracking: Quickly spot your device on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi lists.
  • Fun Factor: Because who doesn’t love a device named “Sir iPhones-a-lot”?

Cons of Renaming Your iPhone 13

  • Brief Confusion: Might take a moment to spot your renamed device initially.
  • Too Many Changes: Constant renaming might confuse synced devices.
  • Overthinking: The pressure to choose a ‘cool’ name can be real!

Additional Information

  • You can rename your iPhone as many times as you wish. However, for the sake of consistency, it’s good to stick to one name for a while.
  • Renaming your iPhone doesn’t affect your Apple ID, apps, or any other settings. It’s purely cosmetic!
  • Other devices, like iPads or Apple Watches, follow a similar renaming process.

Wrapping Up

Renaming your iPhone 13 isn’t rocket science, but it sure can be fun! Plus, it has practical benefits. So why not give your device a fresh identity today? Go on, make it as quirky or classy as you like!


  1. Can renaming my iPhone affect its performance? No, renaming your device is just a cosmetic change.
  2. How often can I rename my iPhone 13? As often as you want. But for simplicity, it’s good to limit name changes.
  3. Does renaming my iPhone affect my apps? Not at all. Your apps won’t even know the difference!
  4. What if I regret renaming my iPhone? No worries. Just follow the steps again and revert to the old name or choose a new one.
  5. Can I use special characters in my iPhone’s name? Yes, you can! Just ensure it’s something you can easily recognize.